Inspiring ideas for your Kids Bedroom flooring

Kids love a have a place in which they can rest and play. You want to create a bedroom that is comfortable as well as imaginative to encourage their creativity.

Doesn’t matter what age of child you have, new born, babies just learning to crawl or cute toddlers reveling their toys, or young kids basking in muddy shoes, your floor endures a lot of punishment.

Therefore, you need to look at flooring  that is not only captivating but can also stand up to spills and boisterous play.

One of the best is Vinyl flooring as it is accessible in ample of bright, colourful, playful patterns that will allow your kids creativity to explore and imagination to run wild. Giving them a beautiful and memorable room to grow up in.

Kids bedrooms serve a multitude of demands, a place to play, learn and rest.

From  nursery to teenage retreat, here are some ideas to infuse your child’s room with a sense of wonder using vinyl flooring.

Bring excitement and fun underfoot with City Life flooring. This a brilliantly busy depiction of a children’s toy town featuring factories, an airport, skyscrapers and even a castle. The design not only looks amazing but it is also interactive as your little ones can run toy cars over the design feeding their imagination even further as well as making your home look truly stunning.

Vinyl flooring with puzzle design is great for any age group. This fun and colourful vinyl flooring is perfect for kids bedroom. Bright puzzle pieces will make learning colours easy and fun for young kids and fun and funky for an older kids bedroom.

Brick Pattern Flooring is a bedroom decoration idea that any child will simply adore. Featuring an array of brilliantly bright, exciting block colours, this is a superb flooring design that really make their bedroom or play area a fun place to be. Our vinyl flooring is thoroughly durable, waterproof, scratch resistant and child-friendly.



Kids vinyl floor is resistant to spills, stains, easy to take care of and very durable. Vinyl flooring can stand up well to daily life with children of all ages. Vinyl is allergy free and perfect pick for those kids who are prone to allergies. Easy to keep clean, water resistant and sound absorbing. And the kids will love its warm touch and trendy designs.

Carpeting in kids bedroom.

Carpets give a feeling of softness to your kids while they walk barefoot on floor. Wall to wall carpeting provides a soft, warm surface for the kids to play on and it offers a rich, textured look that can complement the decor of any room. They reduce the falling or stumbling of babies and also gives a safe floor for kids to play. The downside of Carpet they get easily stained.

Therefore, when choosing a carpet for your kids area go with a high quality and stain resistant carpet that can be cleaned easily.

Choose a colourful carpet for your kids room, it will add warmth and comfort, maybe in their favourite colour to add their personality to it.

Its easy to decorate colourful flooring too. Simply add furniture with a white finish and decorate the room with fun toys.

There are a wide range of kids themed carpet on the market now to choice from. Maps, Minion, star wars to Disney characters and more.

Or you may want to keep the carpet plain and boring in a natural tone, if so, look for geomatic rugs in bright colours to punch up your bland carpet.

Kid friendly, durable and functional Karndean flooring.

Children are happy to play anywhere in the family home and being a parent who spends time cleaning up after them, you’ll know that it’s best to contain the disruption to a certain area. If you don’t have a spare room to create a playroom, part of your living room or dining room can double up as a play area. Our floors are slip-resistant, won’t splinter and are much warmer underfoot than natural wood and stone, and so offer a safer and more comfortable space for kids to play on. If you’re looking for a flooring option for a bedroom or playroom upstairs, the acoustic properties of Karndean LooseLay will help reduce any noise created by little ones running around in the rooms below. Available in a wide range of designs and styles to help create the perfect backdrop for nurseries, bedrooms and playrooms, there’s sure to be a design to suit your kid’s room.

The picture above is the Knight Tile KP99 in lime washed oak.

Lime Washed Oak planks look like worn, sun-bleached driftwood. With loads of variation in colour tones from plank to plank, this floor looks choppier than most when laid – perfect if you’re going for a contemporary Scandinavian look.

Van Gogh Burnished Cypress

The scorched visuals of Burnished Cypress beautifully highlight its rich, reddish-brown undertones. A design which not only brings instant warmth, but will ground any interior style.

 Opus wp314 Cera

With a subtle, natural grain effect, Cera gives you a realistic and versatile timber effect with none of the drawbacks associated with real timber floors.


 Da Vinci Kenyan Tigerwood

For real personality and individuality take a look at the exotic grain of Kenyan Tigerwood. We were inspired by the distinctive look of real tigerwood to create the bold and uniquely varied pattern of this slim, smooth Da Vinci design plank, with bevelled edge finish.

  Art Select Corris

A true welsh slate by colour and design, Corris takes its inspiration from an original piece of slate recovered from Braichgoch Slate Mine, based in Corris Uchaf, north Wales. This textured slate will charm any space with its cool and ambient light grey tones for a clean and fresh feel.

 looselay weathered timber

Karndean LooseLay Weathered Timber gives you the authentic rustic appearance of unfinished timbers, without the practical difficulties of waxing, sanding or porosity of real unfinished oak. With its innovative friction grip backing, Weathered Timber is ideal for installation over most existing hard floors with little or no need for adhesives, meaning it’s faster and easier to fit and repair.





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