Hardwood Flooring Vs Luxury Vinyl Planks

Let’s talk about FLOORS and one of 2018’s biggest home improvement dilemmas –

Real Wood or no Real Wood?….. here is all the info you need to know from the flooring experts

Karndean: “Practical flooring designed to last”


Karndean Designflooring gives you the unique grain and knot details, without the practical difficulties.

Real wood flooring products come in varying quality and can expand, warp and shrink in reaction to temperature changes and moisture. Karndean Designflooring maintains its shape throughout its lifetime and is water resistant.


A wooden floor presents the possibility of expansion and contraction as the wood is a living organism, therefore floor preparation is so important and picking your local installer who has been accredited by Karndean themselves


Here is what a Karndean customer, Aviva said recently on mumsnet.com: “…you get a beautifully smooth finish as they lay a rubberised screed first. It looks exactly the same four years on. It can scratch a tiny bit but not so you would notice/bother unlike on wood. A once over with a mop and it looks great. It is bomb proof. I really can’t see anything other than a huge foul water flood could even damage it. (we have already had leaking washing machine- no problem)”




To keep real wood flooring looking like new – it requires frequent maintenance including sanding, staining and lacquering. With Karndean, there’s no sanding, staining or lacquering required! – It’s SO EASY to maintain and keep clean.

The other great thing about Karndean is that it’s so Family Friendly!



Whether it’s a house full of kids, a multi-pet household or a large family, Karndean flooring is perfect flooring solution for any home that is easy to clean and will last for years to come. From muddy paw prints to household accidents and anything in-between, Karndean floors are designed with your pets in mind.




Karndean’s waterproof floors stand up to spills of all sizes. The product’s vinyl backing combined with waterproof adhesive on installation helps ensure that no moisture gets through. Karndean floors are resistant to staining. Everyday liquids such as water, coffee and wine can be easily cleaned with a pH neutral cleaner and will help keep your floor looking its very best.


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