Every year, designers are bombarded with predictions about which colour palettes will dominate the future of design. From millennial pink to deep oxblood, tones change annually. These decisions may seem arbitrary, but months of careful planning, deep thought, and data analysis go into each selection.


Are you curious about what the future holds? Join us as we explore the meticulous research that goes into choosing the colours of 2019 and how to select the best palette for your home along with beautiful flooring for 2019.


Who gets to decide the colour of the year?

Colour can make or break the overall feel of a space. Choosing the right shade can take a room from uninspired to unbelievable, even before you’ve chosen the furnishings. The right tone plays an integral role in setting the mood of the room and making it something special. However, who gets to determine these trends?

For this, we turn to the heavy-hitters of colour predictions: the Pantone Colour Institute, The Colour Marketing Group, Akzo Nobel Global Aesthetic Centre (Dulux), and of course the authority on all things paint related – Sherwin Williams.

All of these organisations employ teams to analyse and forecast trends in colour-related products and services. They take stock of everything from the current political climate, the economy, cultural diversity, technology, fashion, social issues and the state of the environment to determine which colours and themes are likely to embody the near future of colour marketing. Having a keen understanding of the circumstances that affect shifts in colour direction is as important as choosing the colour or overall palette of the year.

It takes months of research and years of experience to make these decisions and in the end – is anything but random. This year’s colours were chosen to reflect the current state of global affairs, and hope to embody the direction design will go in the future.

What we can expect for 2019

According to the Sherwin-Williams 2019 report, designers can expect to be awash in bold colour choices this season, as collections gradually move away from the minimalistic neutrals we embraced over the past year. Gathering 42 trends into master palette personalities, they capture the earthy, sun-washed tones of nature along with a vibrant, enthusiastic pop of warm pink and orange hues. Here are our favourites, and the flooring they pair best with –Paired best with these Karndean LVT Flooring

Shapeshifter Palette




Artic Driftwood KP51                                           Pallida WP418                                                             Storm Oak RL12


Wanderer Palette

With this collection comes visions of the American Southwest. The red of desert canyons, the buttery hue of worn leather and dusty blue of the Arizona sky aim to bring a taste of the outdoors inside. Perfect for anyone seeking a warm, Zen escape with a hint of mystery and love for exploration. Paired best with these Karndean LVT Flooring.


Burnt Ginger VG5-7                                                 Spanish Cherry RL05                                                    Natural Oak RP102


Aficionado Palette

Those drawn to this theme have a love for the bespoke. They enjoy the classics, tradition and the appreciation that comes with well-worn familiarity. One of the few grouping that includes metallics, like gold and copper, along with deep merlot, stormy grey and comforting cappuccino. Paired best with these Karndean LVT Flooring.


Macrocapra VGW50T                                            Classic Limed Oak KP97                                         Vintage Pine VGW767


Naturalist Palette

Looking to the garden for inspiration, this palette unites the vivid greens and delicate floral tones found in a country estate. Perfect for the budding botanist, plant mama, and lush, sophisticated gardener, this grouping spans everything from earthy Portobello to hibiscus pink. Paired best with these Karndean LVT Flooring.



Twilight Oak LLP301                                             Burnished Cypress VGW97T                                  Hickory Peppercorn EW02



With these themes, colour marketers hope to entice designers into identifying with both a colour palette and a way of life. They’re asking, if these colours were people, what would they like? Who would be they be? How would they enjoy spending their time? However, Sherwin Williams isn’t the only one betting on bold.

According to Pantone, the vibrant, saturated colour will be the go-to in 2019, much like UltraViolet was for 2018. With their new collections they’re betting on our love for the indulgent to get us hooked.

Make an impact with colour & beautiful flooring for 2019!



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