Rustic & Realistic Vinyl Flooring for any room in the house.

There’s so many different types of flooring these days, and often Vinyl flooring gets overlooked due to the stipulation that it’s cheap & false looking. 


Yes, it is often pretty cheap compared with other flooring types, but this does not mean you are compromising in any way. There are huge advantages to Vinyl.

False looking?

Think again…. The modern textures & patterns are unbelievable. Sometimes you have to physically get down onto your hands & knees to realize what it is.

The next thing people often think of is that Vinyl would only be used in an area such as a kitchen or bathroom. Personally, why not a living room? Teamed with a gorgeous fluffy rug Vinyl would be a fantastic choice. Or a child’s bedroom, any milk spillages, paint etc could be so easily cleaned up.

The advantages? Where do we start? Firstly, waterproof! If you have pets or children, you will know the strain of keeping your floors clean. Spillages? Simply get the dustpan or mop. As simple as that. The next big thing is comfort. Vinyl flooring gives you that little added bounce underfoot that you wouldn’t necessarily get with other flooring such as hardwood or Laminate. Vinyl is also highly durable, often coming with a very good guarantee, and non-slip when wet. So, overall, its pretty brilliant to use in absolutely any room. 

At Ross on Wye Flooring we have a huge range of Vinyl flooring, from realistic wooden textures, funky modern patterns, rustic looking tiles, or even a plain & simple base. Why not pop in and see for yourself?

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